Great kids deserve a great education

Lee Virtual School, a K–5 FL Virtual School

When a traditional school isn’t the best fit, Lee Virtual School can provide a world-class education outside of the classroom. Lee Virtual School, a public FL virtual school, provides an opportunity for parents who want to be more directly involved in their child’s education. Lee Virtual School enables you to share the gift of your time and talent with your child. Your child receives a tailored program of learning designed to meet your child’s specific educational needs and goals. Lee Virtual School offers free enrollment in a FL virtual school program featuring the best of tradition and innovation in education. Students use the world-renowned Calvert curriculum, receive instructional oversight by highly qualified teachers, and apply the most effective technology for online learning.

The Benefits of Lee Virtual School:

  • Tuition-free access to the time-tested, accredited Calvert program
  • Self-paced program that moves at your child’s speed
  • Flexible schedule that works with your child and your family
  • Outstanding support from both Florida and Calvert teachers
  • Blend of print and online resources to keep your child engaged
  • Instruction supported by Florida-certified Education Specialists

For Parents